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Java Madness
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Who we are

Back in the 1970’s and 1980’s there was a nightspot called the 1369 Jazz Club in Cambridge, MA. It was located where the original 1369 Coffee House is now, in Inman Square. It was known as a great neighborhood club, and many local musicians played there. On Sundays, jam sessions were held, and anyone who wanted to join in on some blues or R&B was welcome.

As fans of the club, 1369 Coffee House opened in the original space in Inman Square in January 1993; in June 1994 Gerry Wolf, Nancy Gaudet and Mark LaHoud opened its second store in Central Square. From the beginning, we wanted to be more than just a place to get coffee. Our goal was to be a place our customers can think of as "home"; a place to read, study, talk, or just hang out. Over the years, a space evolved where anyone could feel comfortable and welcomed. Folks hung out, met friends and strangers, married, started bands, broke up (or not) and a community grew.

In 2007, Mark decided it was time to leave Cambridge and start a coffee house of his own, based on the model created by 1369. He discovered Java Madness, opened in 2003 by Vic Gregorian. Java had many of the qualities of 1369, and he saw the potential to make it better. Java Madness kept many of its best aspects, but we brought new ideas and focused on reaching the local South County community. Over time we have added new products made in-house, fresh pastries, unique beverages and a decidedly local vibe. Java strives to be a "Third Place" in the community, a place for people to connect and feel connected to their neighbors - in other words, home.

What Is a "Third Place"?

In 1989, sociologist Ray Oldenberg coined the phrase as he was describing the foundations of a healthy community. While the community defines its own spaces, coffee and tea houses have been ideal settings for a Third Place for hundreds of years; informal and welcoming, they offer a space for people to feel welcome, engage, connect and become informed. In fact, coffee and tea houses (and taverns and inns) became important centers of ideas and information leading up to the creation of the United States. If you're curious, here are some good places to find out more:


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